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The School Inspectorate of Bucharest is a public institution which carries out activities of guidance, control and coordinating the education and professional training institutions in Bucharest at the highest professional standards in order to contribute to the growth of the quality of educational services, improvement and increasing permanently the efficiency of   educational system, national/ in Bucharest, and making it compatible with the European system.

The structure of Bucharest’s School Inspectorate was approved by the Ministry of Education and Research through O.M.E.C. (Order issued by the Minister) nr. 3870/ 27.05.2002. According to its structure, the management functions are performed by General School Inspector and three deputy general school inspectors.


The vision of the institution is:  ensuring the educational needs of local community, promoting the educational partnerships, ensuring a quality management which is the main condition of evolution and development, promoting the European values.

Its mission is to ensure the implementation of the national curriculum, the national educational policies and guidelines through supervision, counseling, monitoring and evaluation of the educational institutions under its jurisdiction, organizing and guiding the permanent training of teachers and school managers, promoting a wide range of training courses for initial and further training, according to the national education policy.


Its role is to monitor that the provisions stipulated in the National Law of Education are fulfill within municipality’s schools. Besides its role to control and evaluate the local schooling system in relation to the national objectives and curriculum, the inspectorate also monitors and counsels each school’s activity with a view to self-evaluation and self-improvement procedure.

Bucharest Education Network.

In Bucharest there are all types of schools. In the school year 2012 – 2013 there are 424 schools grouped according to the type of school, the children that attend it and the territory it covers, so: 127 Kindergartens,  156 Primary and Lower - secondary schools, 46 Theoretical high-schools, 47 Technological high-schools, 11 Vocational high-schools, 1 Post- high-schools, 6 Children’s Clubs, 7 School Sports Clubs, 5 Arts and Music Schools, 18 Schools for students with disabilities.